Welcome to my new blog!

I have recently been blogging from time to time over at my old employees blog: http://bmspeak.businessmann.dk. As I December 1st. have taken on new responsibilities in a new company I thought it was a good time to start my own personal blog… once again. And once again, since this is my 3rd iteration of my own blog.

So this last Friday I had my last working day for my old employer throughout the last 15 years, Businessmann A/S. It was an emotional day for me to quit that job and say goodbye to a lot of great colleagues and friends. However the time had come for me to take on new responsibilities and advance in my career.

I have agreed to a new role as Sr. Cloud Architect within Proact Systems A/S in Denmark. First and foremost Proact Systems A/S are seeking to build up virtualization business based on VMware technologies, mainly in the vCloud and vRealize Suites. Since I have been working with many of these technologies over the last 8 years, my new role will focus positioning these technologies for our customers and helping them gain the benefits from implementing these to solve their needs.

I had several reasons for making this switch. One of the main reasons for me to make this switch, is Proact Systems is a quite large Company in Europe, and not as my old employer only stationed in Denmark. In fact Proact Systems  is represented in 14 European countries and I look forward to meet a lot of new peers in this journey I started. Another reason is the fact that Proact Systems is in the process of building their own vCloud, which our customers can use to extend their own private cloud (datacenter).

This blog will of course be focused on what I do around VMware technologies. For the last year I have been working extensively with vRealize Automation (formerly known as vCloud Automation Center) and vRealize Orchestrator (formerly known as vCenter Orchestrator). I see a huge benefit for many customers to start looking into automation and delivering IT services faster than they normally do. However to do this, first you need a high degree of server virtualization and you need to start looking into both storage and network virtualization to get the full benefits. But one of most important elements is “standardization”. Its really hard, if not impossible to automate processes that is not standardized. So keep that in mind, before jumping on this automation trend.

Once again, I look forward to getting into this new role and meet a lot of new peers and interesting customers. See you out there!