Thursday 5th of February I was awarded the VMware vExpert title for the second time. Now I’m happy and honoured to announce that Mr. Frank Denneman from PernixData selected me as PernixPro 2015 member. I’m happy to be apart of a great group of likeminded virtualization enthusiasts that have seen the great benefits of PernixData FVP and believe that in many use cases it can provide a huge difference for almost every business. Read the announcement here.



Whats PernixPro all about?

This statement from PernixData’s website describes the PernixPro program very well:

PernixPro™ members are an elite community of IT professionals committed to advancing FVP storage acceleration technology. By facilitating collaboration between PernixData experts and the industry’s top luminaries, PernixPro breaks down the barriers to widespread adoption of server-side storage, giving companies of all sizes a cost-effective solution for scaling storage performance independent of storage capacity.

Besides my self, another Dane (Terkel Olsen) was selected as a PernixPro today making it a total of 6 PernixPro’s in Denmark as I count it right now:

It’s an honor to be a member of this great group of likeminded PernixPro’s ☺ and once again thanks to Frank Denneman and PernixData for this announcement. Read more about PernixPro here.


What’s PernixData FVP?

For those of you that still haven’t heard about PernixData (hard to believe though) – their PernixData FVP solution is a 100% software-based solution residing in the vSphere hypervisor as a kernel module. It creates a cluster of Flash or RAM as a caching function both on reads and writes and thereby providing a very low-latency acceleration tier for any storage environment.

For a two-minute overview of PernixData FVP – take a look here: