I was having a support issue the other day, where I needed to collect log files from a vRealize Automation environment. I have previously used the vCloud Automation Center Support bundle tool, which helps gather and zip all log files from the IAAS components. That tool worked pretty nicely when all components was installed on the same IAAS server. However in a distributed environment with multiple IAAS component servers and redundancy, this become somewhat tedious.

Simple vRA Deployment

In a simple vRA deployment containing of a single vRA Cafe appliance, you would go to the admin tab to collect the Cafe appliance log file.


Then you would use the support bundle tool to collect the log file from the IAAS server. See this kb article:

Collecting VMware vRealize Automation logs using the log collection utility (2078179)


Distributed vRA Deployment

In a distributed deployment you would normally have redundant set of cafe appliances and as well as IAAS servers. Also you may separate some of the IAAS component out on dedicated redundant servers, as depicted here below:


It could then be a tedious task to collect log files from all the above components – even with the support bundle tool provided by VMware.

In vRealize Automation 6.2 I noticed a new log collection function in the cafe appliance under the Clusters tab. My first thought was that it would gather log files from the two clustered cafe appliances.


But when I ran it and unzipped the bundle, I was surprised to see that it actually collected log files from the complete distributed environment. A very nice and helpful feature when in need of creating log files for uploading to VMware.



The above picture shows one zip file per component in the environment making it very easy to collect all log files with a click of a single button.


Update: Frank Büchsel reached out to me on twitter after this blog article was published, to notify me that this feature do NOT collect every log file in the vRA solution. It will NOT collect log files from SSO / Identity appliances, external vRO appliances and windows system event logs from the IAAS component  servers.