I will be attending VMware Partner Exchange in San Francisco with ArrowECS this year. This will be my third VMware PEX conference and I’m looking forward to visiting San Francisco.

This afternoon, I received an e-mail from VMware PEX team that the schedule builder had come online. If your attending PEX I would recommend to create your schedule as quickly as possible. Usually the popular sessions and bootcamps will be booked very quickly.

My primary focus this year will be on extending my knowledge around automation and orchestration and getting more knowledge about NSX. Based on that, I created the following schedule:

“TEX4204 — Hands-on Labs in a Box – A Gift for You!”
“MGT4391 — vRealize Automation (formerly vCAC) and NSX: Automating Networking & Security Infrastructure”
“TEX4309 — The Hitchhiker’s session to vCenter Orchestrator Integration”
“NET4283 — Logical Routing with VMware NSX”
“NET4284 — Micro-segmentation with NSX and Distributed Firewalling”
“TEX4248 — The (Bright) future of vRealize Orchestrator (vRO/ vCO) – Overview and Roadmap”
“NET4282 — Reference Design for VMware NSX”
“MGT4370 — How to Extend and Customize vRealize Operations and Automation (vC Ops and vCAC)”
“NET4291 — Self-service IT with vRealize Automation and NSX”
“MGT4390 — vRealize Automation Center (formerly vCAC): Infrastructure-as-a-Service for Hybrid Cloud Environments”
“MGT4388 — Troubleshooting Storage Devices Using vRealize Operations (formerly vC Ops)”

I also scheduled the following bootcamps, but these may be subject to change, as there is a few other bootcamps I want to attend, but they are not open to book yet unfortunately:

“INF4688-BC — Preparing for VMware VCDX Certification”
“4706-BC — VTSP – SDS (Software-Defined Storage)”
“NET4703-BC — VTSP – NV (Network Virtualization)”

Link to schedule builder

I hope to meet you in San Francisco! :-)